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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


5.2 Updates!

I'm cautiously releasing the option to use a database instead of the file system to store all of your GriefPrevention data. I will update the documentation this week, but until then, please read the following very important points.

  • Once you go database, you can't go back to file system without losing any NEW data you created while in database mode. If you don't know databases or know someone who does, stay away from database mode. It will just make your life more complicated.
  • If you configure GP for database and there's a problem connecting to the database, many GP features won't work, and others will give you error messages in your log files. When you're enabling database support for the first time, pay close attention to your boot logs.
  • A database URL looks like this: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraftdata. The last bit is your database name, which YOU create manually with a mySQL command like "create database mydatabase;". If you don't know your username, it's probably "root". Please do not ask me for help with your database URL. This is standard Java-to-database connectivity, and you can find plenty of help for this area on the internet.
  • If you have data on the file system already, they will be migrated to the database. Just in case there's any problem, your file system data is NOT deleted, only moved. If you have a problem, you can quickly recover by copying that backup back into its original place and removing the database configuration fields from your config.yml. This will put you back on file system mode with all of your settings. I have tested this both with carefully crafted test data, and real data from my live public servers, without a problem. But that doesn't guarantee there are no bugs. Please be patient during the migration process, which can take a while. On my test server, it took 7 minutes to migrate 1400 claims and 5000 players.