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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


4.8 Updates!

  • Dispensers can no longer be used to spawn creatures in the wilderness in creative rules worlds. If you're running an earlier version, a griefer could create a temporary problem using this exploit (temporary because the automatic cleanup would delete all those entities later). I was going to give props to the griefer who found this, but I forgot his name. :) On my creative server, he motivated players to evacuate a smallish area by filling it with hundreds of clucking chickens.
  • Players who ask how to "protect" their stuff will now get a link to the basics video.
  • Saplings planted in subdivisions were disappearing instead of growing. That's fixed.
  • The "claim investigation tool" (default stick) is now customizable. I recommend against customizing it unless you have a strong reason to do so (like conflict with another plugin), because all of the videos tell players to use the stick, which will lead to some confusion with your players.
  • Creative mode players will no longer be bothered with the "pvp immunity" notification messages.
  • Updated the anti spam to make it more strict on IP addresses, and more lenient for similar consecutive messages. Also, no single-character chat will be sent.
  • The "player placed a sign" log entries have been compressed into a single entry instead of two.