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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


4.6 Updates! One big admin feature, one small admin feature, and a small pile of requested tweaks.

  • Now you can /trust and /adjustbonusclaimblocks for players by permissions. So if you want to give everyone with the "mycoolserver.groups.members" permission 1000 extra claim blocks, you would use /acb [mycoolserver.groups.members]. Similarly for the /trust commands to give access to claims. Please note!!! You must type the permission exactly correctly, and I will not help you set permissions. Each permissions plugin is different, and a lot of them are very confusing to use. I will not help anyone troubleshoot problems managing their permissions.
  • For the occassional case where a player "steals" another player's stuff by grabbing it after the other player dies and stupidly admits it, you now have a /deathblow <player> <recipient> command which will kill the player and give his stuff to the other player. Both players must be online. You can also use it as /deathblow <player> to drop a player's stuff where he stands (basically a remote kill). If in a normal world, his inventory will always fall on the surface. Basically, this command gives you some level of access to a player's inventory, to help you solve some problems. It requires the "griefprevention.deathblow" permission, use with care!
  • /adjustbonusclaimblocks, /deleteallclaims, /deletealladminclaims, and /deathblow now all work from the console.
  • The tree planting limitation (for sky trees) no longer applies in claimed areas, and you can turn it off completely via a config option.
  • Now you may allow for dumping water buckets outside of claims in all your worlds via a config option. Also any worlds where claims are disabled will allow for dumping water buckets. Lava buckets still require the "griefprevention.lava" permission for use outside of claims.
  • Protecting animals is now separate from preventing theft in the config options, so you can turn off one and not the other.
  • In creative worlds, players will now get an error message explaining why they can't place paintings (once their entity limit is reached).