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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0


4.2 Updates!

  • New feature! By default, a player who tries to log in and seems to very likely be another account belonging to a player who has already been banned will be automatically banned as well. There should be VERY few false positives on this, please do give it a try before you go disabling it! :) When an account is auto-banned, there will be a detailed explanation in the log. Truly, the only downside to this feature is that you won't get to see ragers throw a tantrum on their alt account (it makes me feel so good to see them rage, it just confirms that I did the right thing by banning them!). :)
  • Fixed double logout, and reduced confusion on login (regarding notification messages). Those messages are still on delay, but I think these tweaks will be easier for players to get used to.
  • Some tweaks to /rna for creative servers.
  • Eliminated log spam due to sign spam. Blank signs will not be logged, and two signs in a row with the same text will not BOTH be logged.