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  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0


4.1 Updates!

  • The /rnf filling tool got a couple of improvements. First, it will now fill-in spilled water, so you can use it effectively for holes next to water sources like ponds. Second, it now uses a circular brush, so if you color al ittle out of the lines, it still looks much more "natural". You can even use it to create a natural-looking stair pattern wherever you have a straight wall.
  • New feature! Now delaying join/leave notification messages to make sure the player is really staying, or really leaving. This closes a small grief gap where a player with MANY accounts could log in/out with each of those accounts in turn, effectively spamming the chat with join/leave messages even though we have the per-account login cooldown. This has the additional positive side effect of reducing vanilla spam - if a player logs out for a moment just to get a better connection or change texture packs, players will never know he left. Similarly, a player who pops in and then leaves right away isn't worth announcing, so he won't be announced. The minor negative side effect is that it's possible a player could send a chat message before he's announced as having joined the server. :) This drastically reduces the need for the per-account login cooldown, so I've reduced the default to only 2 minutes. I haven't removed it entirely because many plugins do some work on player join/leave, and so a small cooldown is still helpful in preventing mischievous players from generating lag.
  • Players who buy claim blocks will now be limited to the max accrued blocks config setting. Admins can still give them more blocks beyond that limitation with /acb. It's not possible to auto-adjust claim blocks for this new setting, so if any players already have too many blocks, you may need to make a per-case adjustment with /acb.