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    May 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R2.0


4.0 Updates!

  • No more waiting for an hour before you can place water or lava in your claim.
  • Fluids will not flow out of claims, and when a claim is shrunk or deleted, player-placed fluids will be removed (any above sea level).
  • TNT will not destroy the surface. It's still useful for big digging jobs underground, but won't create an enormous crater for you to clean up.
  • RestoreNature mode got a lot smarter, and will no longer reveal near-surface caves. It also removes any surface fluids.
  • Added /RestoreNatureAggressive, useful for the very few situations where griefers have used "natural" blocks in a grief. For example, trees grown way up in the sky, or a tower made of leaves or iron ore blocks. Use this only when you need it, because it can remove blocks you'd like to keep. Specifically, using it underground is a bad idea. Stick to the surface. This requires a special griefprevention.restorenatureaggressive permission.
  • Added /RestoreNatureFill to very quickly fill-in holes, whether generated by griefers gathering blocks to grief with, or using /restorenature on a house with a big basement. Also requires griefprevention.restorenatureaggressive. Very simple to use - just point at a wall at the level you want to fill up to, and right click. You can adjust the brush radius, but probably won't need to. It auto-fills 10 blocks deep, replacing only air and using neighboring block materials where possible to maintain natural layering. Like other restore nature modes, this is safe to use near claims.
  • Anti spam got even better. I thought it was done, but now griefers won't get a tip off when they're muted. As far as they can tell, they're succeeding at sending messages and bypassing the spam filter. In reality, the spam filter is just letting them have enough rope to hang themselves with, and the spam messages the griefer sees are not actually going out to other players. The filter is also much smarter now, and recognizes more spam indicators. Don't worry about false positives - a player has to hit the spam filter several times in succession before any action will be taken, and will ALWAYS be warned before a ban.
  • Fixed an issue with essentials protect + grief prevention (null pointer exception during explosions).