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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R2.0


3.8 Updates!

  • Added a new "eavesdropping" feature which allows administrators to see /tell messages. It's off by default, but when enabled, will both log those messages and send them live to anyone online with the "griefprevention.eavesdrop" permission. Those with the permission are immune to eavesdropping (their private messages are still private). Note that this doesn't do anything for other slash commands you may add with other plugins, so keep that in mind. This feature can help you catch griefers and cheaters who assume their messages are private, and use them to collude. For example, "hey, is your x-ray working?", "ooh! this chest isn't claimed", or "i talked some guy into /trusting me so i can steal his stuff later".
  • Tweaked anti spam to be a little more lenient with "fast chatters".
  • We've now 100% eliminated copy/paste spam.
  • When auto-ban for spam is disabled, the spammer will be kicked after ignoring a warning.
  • Fixed a minor creative mode spawner egg problem.