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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


2.6 Update! Added siege.

I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH THAT THIS IS A BETA RELEASE. Sorry for the caps, but seriously, it's likely there will be bugs. I very much appreciate your bug reports!! But please, keep the drama to a minimum, remembering that I'm not promising a bug-free version here.

To reduce confusion, please consider the details of siege.

  • Siege is off by default. You have to turn it on.
  • Do NOT enable siege on a world where people have been building a while. They may be very upset to suddenly discover that their homes, which were not designed for siege PvP, are vulnerable.
  • Please do carefully consider the list of vulnerable blocks before turning this thing on. It is customizable.
  • The purpose of siege is to allow for reasonable PvP on a server where builds can be protected. When a player uses a claimed area to exercise cowardice, his enemies have /siege to force that player to face them. Other "pvp" servers and systems have spoiled Minecraft players by allowing them to entirely opt out of pvp whenever they want, at no cost. The /siege command will, therefore, make many players who think they're "good" turn into whiny little babies. You have been warned!
  • /Siege <player> starts the siege. The defender must be in a claim where he has some level of permission protecting him, and the attacker must be nearby.
  • Neither attacker nor defender may log out during the siege. A disconnection is a forfeit, and the disconnecting player will die.
  • Neither may access containers or drop items, either, to prevent players from protecting stashing their valuables.
  • They can still accept items from other players. Think supply lines.
  • If the defender runs to another claim where he's protected, the siege extends to include that new claim.
  • The siege ends when one of the following is true:
  • * Either the attacker or defender dies or logs out.
  • * Either of them flee the area.
  • If the attacker wins, the defender's doors are unlocked for five minutes to allow the winners to collect any valuables dropped. At the end of that five minutes, anyone in a sieged claim who doesn't have permission there will be ejected.
  • Administrative claims cannot be sieged.
  • When a siege ends, the attacker is on siege cooldown for an hour. He may siege elsewhere, but can't siege the same player or any of the sieged claims again until the hour is up.

Please post your questions and any bug reports!