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    Feb 13, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3


New features:

Both the golden shovel and the string work from a distance! Up to 100 blocks away. This means: •You can see who owns a build by just pointing at it with your string and right clicking from far away, rather than walking over there. •You can create claims and resize claims more easily, especially from hilltops or while flying. •Admins can use restorenature while flying around, making it an insanely fast beautification and restoration tool.

When a player can't create a claim or restore nature due to a conflict with another claim, that other claim will be highlighted in red so that the player can see it.

When a player builds or breaks beneath his claim, the claim will be automatically extended downward. So as a player explores, his claim goes deeper with him, eliminating the need for tedious resizing or reclaiming to claim areas like basements, cave constructions, and mineshafts.

The claims.enabled config can now be a list of specific worlds, "true" for all worlds, or "false" for no worlds.


If a player places a chest outside his claim, now he gets a warning message.

Increased the pretty level in visualizations.

Performance caching is in. Less load on the server.

RestoreNature highlights the restored area when successful, instead of displaying a message.

Bug Fixes:

"/untrust all" works without displaying an error message (it was working before, but also showing an error message).

/deleteallclaims and /untrust will now work when the player is offline, provided you type the name with the correct casing. The player must have played on the server previously, though (so no /trusting your friends before they join the server).

RestoreNature can't kill players be suffocating them. It just doesn't work when there's a player in the chunk.

RestoreNature now requires the restorenature permission rather than the ignoreclaims permission.

Players and explosions can no longer destroy minecarts and boats in your claim.

Treetopper code got a major fix. Now tree tops are even harder to leave, while stacks of logs placed by players as part of a construction are MUCH safer (your non-log blocks have always been perfectly safe, and still are).