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    Jan 25, 2012
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  • 1.1


Sorry guys, but you MUST clear claim data before upgrading to this version. Delete the "ClaimData" folder, but NOT the "PlayerData" folder. This way your claims will disappear, but players will keep their claim blocks (allowing them to recreate their claims).

Players may now use /permissiontrust to give another player permission to share his permission level with other players. /permissiontrust does NOT grant a player permission to use /permissiontrust in your claim, delete your claim, resize it, or create claims on your behalf. This could be useful for a tenant scenario. For example, you build a hut and grant someone /containertrust and /permissiontrust. Now he can't change the hut, but he can give his friends access to open the door and even to use the chest you placed for him inside the hut. Like other permission levels, /untrust will undo /permissiontrust. There's also a new convenient /untrust all to clear all the permissions which have been granted in a claim, useful when you're evicting a tenant (and his friends, of which you don't have a list).

Placing and breaking paintings now requires build permission.

Fluid flow seems to be working fine, now.

Administrative claims now correctly allow for killing animals, operating buttons and switches, and opening containers, as they did previously before I broke them.