This is no longer active.

I see no need to make yet another grief prevention plugin when there are already hordes available, There were also couple of major bugs i just cant fix in the code, and the project is dead in the water. Do not expect any further updates on this plugin.


GriefShield allows server administrators to set a list of items they don't want users to place also known as blacklist when a user places this item, they are told they arent allowed to place it with a message you can define in the configuration file, and if you have it set to, it will also kick the player with a message that is also definable in the config The original use if this plugin was for modified servers, this plugin does support modified items, just add the item id and damage value to the blacklist. damage values are REQUIRED for anything on the blacklist!


  • griefshield.* - all griefshield permissions
  • griefshield.bucket.* - allows users to use all kinds of buckets
  • griefshield.bucket.lava.* - permission to fill and use lava
  • griefshield.bucket.water.* - permission to fill and use water
  • griefshield.blacklist.bypass - permission to bypass griefshield
  • griefshield.reload - permission to reload griefshield
  • - permission to veiw information about griefshield
  • griefshield.bucket.lava.fill - permission to fill lava buckets
  • griefshield.bucket.lava.use - permission to use lava buckets
  • griefshield.bucket.water.fill - permission to fill water buckets
  • griefshield.bucket.water.use permission to use water buckets


  • /griefshield info - shows information about griefshield
  • /griefshield reload - reloads griefshield's configuration file
  • /griefshield status - shows the status of all protections


The config is rather self-explanatory,

  • lava-blocked : Whether or not to block the use of lava buckets
  • lava-fill-blocked: Whether or not to block the filling of lava buckets
  • water-blocked: Whether or not to block the use of wather buckets
  • water-fill-blocked: Whether or not to block the filling of water buckets
  • disallow-message: The message to tell the user when they use an item on the blacklist
  • kick: Whether or not to kick players when they try to use an illegal item
  • kick-message: What message to kick the player with
  • blacklist: the format for the blacklist is as follows:
- '46:0'
- '10:0'
- '11:0'
- '8:0'
- '9:0'

You can continue and make the list as long as you wish


This plugin is not compatible with any plugins that block the use of buckets! The only issue im aware of is that the admin alert no longer functions with certain items if using the plugins listed below Plugins that could interfere:

  • EssenitalsProtect
  • EssentialsAntiBuild
  • Worldguard


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