GravitySucks - Stop players from avoiding fall damage!

This plugin is outdated, and it's features have been added to new bukkit versions!

Version: v1.4

This plugin will remove the three seconds of invincibility when a player logs in if it is detected that they were falling when they logged out! This fixes the exploit where you can logout then login again to avoid taking fall damage. Note, it only removes this invincibility if you were falling before you logged out. If you log in not falling, or only start falling once you log in (ex someone made a fall trap) then you will still have the normal invincibility!

Old video, outdated (the older versions held you in the air for 3 seconds): Explanation Video


  • Fixes the login/logout exploit to avoid fall damage
  • Option to send them a message
  • Very lightweight plugin as of now.


  • Message: The message that will be displayed to a player when they are held up. You can use color codes &1-9 and &a-e on it.
  • Display Message: True or False - Should the player be sent a message when they are being help for attempting to avoid fall damage?


  • gravitysucks.ignore - will allow the player to relog to avoid fall damage.
  • gravitysucks.reload - will allow the player to use "/gravitysucks reload"


Source Code



  • Added "/gravitysucks reload" with "gravitysucks.reload" permission.
  • Redid the plugin. Now instead of holding you in the air, it properly removes the 3 seconds of invincibility upon spawning, so you just continue to fall and die. Even better, if you were not falling before you logged out (EX. someone digs a fall trap) you will still have the 3 seconds of invincibility like usual! The invincibility will only be removed if you were falling before logging out!


  • Tweaked permissions to true/false (see config file)
  • Fixed a "Cannot Handle player teleport" (Needs field testing)


  • Added ignore permission "gravitysucks.ignore"
  • Build against 1.2.5-R1.2


  • Error on different Java Versions fixed

V 1.0

  • Release


  • Suggest things!

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