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What is it?

[ Fly plugin ] Minecraft & Bukkit determine fall damage by how long you've been falling. The default method makes it so if you fall slowly, or if you fly for a long time and then slowly touch to the ground, you'll recieve a ton of unwarranted damage. Sure you could disable fall damage all together, but where's the fun in that? How it works:

Just takes the previous location minus the current location, devides by 1 tick, and gets speed. Then, it uses the SPEED OF IMPACT to calculate fall damage. Original plugin that simply fixes fall damage:

But wait! I didn't stop there. Using physics equations, I made it so that thrown snowballs will change your current momentum, thus bringing you more thrust power.


Snowball Engine
  • launch yourself using snowballs to generate lift and pull. Options are available in the config!
Better Fall Damage
  • based on angle of impact
  • and speed of impact
  • config options are available.
Magnetic Field
  • will probably crash your server.
  • is kind of fun to try out.
  • is based on real engineering level partical physics equations
Sonic Boosters
  • you can set up sonic the hedge hog courses.
  • Seriously, could it be any better? use the snowballs, along an ice path... get hyper speed, then use the boosters to jump from track to track. Just like in the Sonic games.
  • Easy to use.
  • can set the range each sign detects
  • Changes your current velocity.

Want to try it? Here's a list of servers that already have the plugin!

(contact me if you want to be on this list)

  • <- dev version, expect very high unstability.

To do list:

bug fixes
  • meh screw it. It's there for fun now. Nothing I can do to fix it, just buy yourself a super computer to be able to use it. magnet mode crashes the server.
  • vector signs give you flight ability. fixed: will take away flight ability if they hover for too long, or if they've touched the ground.
  • lower / higher gravity
  • Parkour mode
  • permissions for the snowball thrust part.
  • minimumfalldistance for recieving damage (next update will contain it)
  • add option for how fast measurements should be taken.

Have an idea?

Please tell me. I'm always open to suggestions on how to make things better.


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