GravelClay - Turning your gravel into clay when submerged in water:
Version: v1.3.5

Usage is simple, place some gravel blocks on the ground and dump water/allow water to flow on them/touch them. VOILA! they turn into clay. I saw a similar mod on a server that was apparently part of an RPG plugin, so I created this plugin to accomplish the conversion without the unnecessary RPG elements. This is my first plugin but I don't mind criticism if something isn't up to par.


  • Converts gravel submerged by/touching water into clay.
  • Configuration file to enable/disable placed-block conversion and item-conversion respectively, and set the amount of clay dust on item drop.
  • Includes clay recipe using 1 water bucket and 1 gravel to yield 4 clay dusts.
  • Can be configured to ignore certain worlds.

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