This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Caution with 1.7!
If you are switching to 1.7, I suggest you back up all your GrandExchange data just in case.
In Minecraft 1.7, item ids and data values are no longer used like before.
The plugin works, but always back up your data :)

GrandExchange 2: Build the Market Together!

I originally made this plugin for my own server, but I've decided to share it with the community.
( Tags: Grand Exchange RuneScape RS Rune Scape GE Shop Trading Plugin Mod Chest Sign Command GUI Player Server Economy iConomy boseconomy fun money pay gold offer offers trade simple )



Just drag the GrandExchange.jar file into your /plugins folder. It's that easy! You need Vault and an economy plugin like CraftConomy. Notifications is definitely recommended! :)

GrandExchange 2: Build the Market Together!

How does this shop/trading plugin work?

1 People use /buy and /sell to create buy and sell offers

2 Offers are automatically linked and players get a message when offers are completed

3 If offers are completed (or for example 20 out of 40 stone was bought) but an owner is offline, the items/money will be placed in a Collection Box for him

4 Players use /collect to collect the items/money they earned before

Here you can find a list of the commands and permissions:

GrandExchange 2: Build the Market Together!

Immense list of features

  • Make shops with commands
  • Make shops on slabs
  • Buy or sell
  • Link shops together
  • System automatically completes fitting buy and sell offers!
  • Browse through all available offers
  • Have your own collection box of items and money while you're offline
  • Multiworld support
  • WorldGuard region support
  • Language support
  • Configurable if needed
  • Smart item names
  • Supports custom block and item names
  • Supports modded blocks and items
  • Supports enchantments
  • Supports books
  • Supports dyed armor
  • Supports fireworks
  • Supports potions and custom potions
  • Supports maps
  • Supports custom player heads
  • Connects to Vault, works with all economy plugins
  • Create 'admin' infinite offers
  • Automatically saves
  • See in-game trade history
  • Has optional permissions
  • Works on Java 6 and 7
  • Supports shops emitting redstone on purchases
  • Supports Notifications
  • Imports GE 1 data
  • Change all configuration at runtime
  • Advertise your offers
  • Give your shops a custom name and send your customers custom thanks messages
  • All commands are changeable from for example /buy to /ge buy _______________________________________________________________________________________


This video has been created by PintOfSpas on YouTube. It shows the basic commands, and just the general look of the slab shops.

This video has been created by huffmanbran on YouTube. It is not a complete description of all features, but it definitely is a great introduction to what GE can do and how to use some features.


Post them in the comments below or create a Ticket.

If you create a tutorial video with the features, I'll gladly add you as Documenter to the project :)


Please support :)

GrandExchange 2: Build the Market Together!

Planned features

  • Average price look-up
  • Logs and statistics
  • Stock chests
  • Sign shops
  • Automatic back-ups

Dev builds


This plugin uses MCStats to collect information about plugin usage. Of course, this is strictly anonymous, and you can easily opt out via plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. The NSA isn't watching your server ;) You can of course see for yourself what data is collected on the MCStats site, just the basic stuff: how many servers, how many players, which Bukkit version, etc.


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