Grief Prevention - Real Estate

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Grief Prevention - Real Estate aims to extend the Grief Prevention plugin by allowing users to be able to buy and sell claims or subclaims. Currently this is one of the biggest requests that are made for this plugin and the author has pointed out that they are concentrating on anti-griefing aspect of GP and that the API is there for anyone that wants to help extend the project!


Note: You must have Grief Prevention and Vault installed for this plugin to work. You must also have an economy system and permission system supported by Vault.

Using this plugin could not be simpler, you sell a claim (or lease a subclaim) simply create a sign in your claim or subdivision as follows..

LINE 1 - [RE] or [RealEstate]

LINE 2 - The cost to buy or lease this claim ,i.e. 100

Once you have created this sign one of two things will happen.

  • If this is a full claim the sign will change and the plot will be put up FOR SALE
  • If this is a subdivision the sign will change and the plot will be put up FOR LEASE

To buy or lease a plot a player simply needs to right click on the sign and all relevant permissions will be granted and money will be transferred! If the plot was marked as FOR SALE then the player will be the new owner, if the plot was marked as FOR LEASE then the plot has had all previous permissions wiped and the player now has PermissionsTrust and Build privileges.

Note - Players do not lease a claim for a set period of time; the lease is permanent. The terminology is different to distinguish between the permissions received between a claim and a subdivided claim. With a subdivided claim the new player is not made the owner of the claim but is given full management and build permissions (but the owner of the parent claim will also have full permissions!). However, the land owner could still evict the new player at anytime - You have been warned!

Although this is a beta build it has been tested to for stability however I cannot guarantee that it will work with all configurations. If you experience a problem please let me know what happened, what you was doing and what plugins you have installed (report a ticket).

Please note that no configuration file is produced at this time and therefore no directory is created in the plugins folder.


The following permissions can be used.

GPRealEstate.buyAllows players to buy claims by right clicking signs - Everyone gets this by default.
GPRealEstate.sellAllow players to see claims or subclaims by creating signs (see instructions above) - Everyone gets this by default.
GPRealEstate.AdminclaimAllow players to lease subdivided claims in admin claims! - OPs gets this by default.
GPRealEstate.*All of the above permissions. OPs get this by default.


Please read the separate Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Add vault economy system - players will set price of the plot using the second line of the sign.
  • Permissions - Permissions to buy, sell and lease.
  • Allow administrators to lease subdivided claims in an administrative claim.
  • Allow owners to lease a subdivided claim for a set period of time.
  • When finished the above, create a video!


And a couple of optional todo items. These will be implemented if there is enough call and it is not beyond the ability of the existing code!

  • Limit the number of claims that a player can buy/lease/rent.
  • Add item system - players will also be able to sell plots for items using the second line of the sign.

Do you find this plugin useful?

If you find this plugin useful then please feel free to donate using the link at the top of this page! Donating helps me keep my costs down and encourages me to code!!!


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