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Governance has just been released!

I have just released this plugin, and it can be downloaded here. To install it you will need a MySQL server set up, Vault installed on your server, and an economy plugin that works with Vault. Just extract the .zip file into your server's plugins folder then run it once to generate the config file, shut your server down and set up the MySQL database information in the config. Once this is done you should be able to run your server and the plugin will be running!

Basic Idea

This plugin uses a system of kingdoms and fiefs meaning that there will be two types of land claims. One will be owned by a kingdom, and the other will be owned by a single person(these will be called fiefs). Only the owner of a fief will be able to build there unlike the kingdom land claims where anyone in the kingdom can build.

We came up with this idea because we did not like how factions allows for faction members to grief each other. We also did not like the fact that Grief Prevention gave little room for groups to work together on things. This new system of land claims will give an easy way to work both ways making PVP fun and working with friends fun as well!

NOTE: This plugin was previously named Feudalism. If you were looking for that plugin you are at the right place!

Check out the planned features list on Google Drive!

Click here for more info about the land claiming system!

Also check out our GitHub page!

How to Help

This plugin is currently in development, and there are many different ways that you can help with the project.

  • Help to code various parts of the plugin
  • Migrate our Google Docs to the GitHub wiki
  • Make suggestions of things to add to the plugin


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