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What is it?

Hide and Go Gortume is a minigame plugin in which one random person is gortume, and they must proceed to kill everyone else in the game, in less then a configurable time.

More in depth description

These are the stages of the game:

  • Join into the lobby via a command, or via a sign. We do not have our own signs, but suggest ServerSigns
  • Once the game currently going on finishes, there will be the following broadcasts:
  1. [HAGG] A game will start in the arena <arena> in 30 seconds
  2. [HAGG] A game will start in the arena <arena> in 15 seconds
  3. [HAGG] A game will start in the arena <arena> in 10 seconds
  4. (And then it proceeds to do the same with 1-5)
  • One random player that is in queue for the game will be selected to be Gortume and given the head of TimGoulette and a special sword. Everyone will be teleported to the arena spawnpoint, and everyone that is not Gortume will be given one minute to run into the maze.
  • After a minute is up, Gortume will be free to move, and kill his victims, and the server will display a message kind of like this, [HAGG] Gortume has been released!
  • If Gortume kills everyone within a configurable amount of time (default 5:00) he wins. If not, everyone else wins
  • Start all over again!


(The exact configuration has not been decided yet)


(No video yet)


1. hagg

  • join <arena>
  • leave
  • spec <arena>

2. haggadmin

  • createarena <arena>
  • delarena <arena>
  • setlobby
  • setplayerspawn <arena>
  • setgortumespawn <arena>
  • start [arena]
  • stop [arena]


  • hagg.admin
  • hagg.user


This is a work in progress, so submit any ideas!


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