Google Calculator Plugin

Google Calculator Plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin that lets people use the Google calculator from the chat. It contains only one command, /calc and doesnt use any config files, has only one permission, googlecalculatorplugin.calc.

What does it do exactly

Basically, all this does is take the arguments from /calc, passes them to Google calculator, then sends the results in the chat. In essence, this plugins capability is limited only by what google calculator

General Usage

/calc 5*6 - Multiplies 5 by 6.

/calc 5 USD in GBP - Convert 5 United States dollars to Great British pounds.

/calc pi - Returns the value of pi.

The output is in the form

lhs: "input"

rhs: "output"

(lhs means the left hand side of the equation while rhs refers to the right, think of it like there is an equals sign in the middle).

Version History

Fixed a bug with addition.


Iinitial release


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