The event category allways contains the player name for the event. The event action is one of the elements in the following list. The event label contains infos about the event.

At the moment the plugin track these events:
  • Kill Label: The name of the enemy player or the entitiy, e.g.: Fox32, Skeleton, Zombie
  • Levelup Label: The level
  • TryLogin Label: Whitelisted or Not whitelisted
  • Login Label: Operator or Player
  • Quit Label: The time the player was online
  • Died Label: The reason for the dead, e.g.: "Was brutally attacked" or "Fell to there death"
  • Respawn Label: At bed or at spawn
  • Tamed Label: The name of the entity that was tamed
  • Enchant Item Label: The type of the resulting item, like "DIAMOND_PICKAXE with DURABILITY [3] SILK_TOUCH [1]"
  • Kicked Label: The name of the player that has kicked the player
  • Enter Label: The name of the world the player entered
  • gamemodechange Label: The name of the gamemode the player was changed to


It is possible for other plugin authors to track events from there plugins, too. You can find the details here.


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