Version 2 - Beta 3


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    Jan 30, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3


Version 2 - Beta 3
  • Fix:
    • Fix a bug with non whitelisted players. I can't check if they are using SpoutCraft or the offical client before login, they are now "unterminated"
      Version 2 - Beta 2
      • General:
        • Add googleanalyticsplugin.ignore permission, to ignore the player while collecting data (default: false)
        • Displays if the player use SpoutCraft (Only works if the SpoutCraft server plugin is installed)
          Version 2 - Beta 1
          • General:
            • Update to new Bukkit version (But the old plugin version work with the 1.1 R1 of Bukkit, too)
            • Use the new event system
            • Use the new plugin logger
            • A domain name isn't needed anymore in the config file, because Google Analytics works without it.
            • You can see informations about the client in Google Analytics (At the moment only the version and whether they use plugin channels or not is displayed)
          • Events:
            • Totaly new way how events are processed by Google Analytics. The data displayed with an old version isn't compatible with the new data. (You can create a new Google Analytics Profile, but you don't need to)
            • All existing events got a new 'dimension' of information:
              • Category: Playername, Action: TryLogin, Label: Whitelisted/Not whitelisted
              • Category: Playername, Action: Login, Label: Operator/Player
              • Category: Playername, Action: Quit, Label: Play time
              • Category: Playername, Action: Enter, Label: Worldname
              • Category: Playername, Action: Respawn, Label: At bed/At spawn
              • Category: Playername, Action: Kicked, Label: Reason
              • Category: Playername, Action: Died, Label: Damage cause
              • Category: Playername, Action: Kill, Label: Entity name
            • Added new events:
              • Category: Playername, Action: Enchant Item, Label: Item summary
              • Category: Playername, Action: Tamed, Label: Entity name
              • Category: Playername, Action: Game Mode Change, Label: Game Mode
              • Category: Playername, Action: Levelup, Label: Level
              I will update the Bukkit Dev page of the plugin with the new config and event info soon.

An NPE is thrown, if a non whitelisted player try to connect (Fixed in Beta 3).