Good Chat for a good server


What is that?

On your Server, users write rude words? Or they spam useless things? Then my plugin could help you


- clever Blacklist

- chat timer: wait after writing another message

- simlar chat messages are getting blocked

- permisson system

- custom strings for every message

- auto mute from chat, also via command

How to install and config

1. First copy the .jar file into your plugins folder. 2. reload/restart the server 3. edit the config

chatblockenabled: <true or false> enabled/disable the chat filter, should be ever true onBlockAdminMessage: <true or false> sends a message to admin, if a user is writing a black list word, or was banned from ther server Punishment

  • enabled <true or false> toogle the auto mute activation; will be a feature of further version
  • automute <true or false> toogle like enabled the auto mute activation; to use, Punsihment.enabled must be true!
  • automuteafterstrikes <must be greater than 1> after this counts of blacklist words, the user gets a chat ban; no decimal nummbers!
  • automuteduration <must be greater than 1> time, the user is banned from the chat
    • Filter
  • replacespace <true or false> if true, the chat filter will ignore spaces. For example on true, 'no o b' will be recognized. I recommend true
  • numberspelling <true or false> if true, the chat filter replaces '0' with 'o', '1' with 'i' and '3' with 'e'
  • ignorecase <true or false> if true, the chat filter will ignore case.
  • replacechars <true or false> if true, the chat filter will ignore the chars in Filter.replacedchars.
  • replacechars <list> this chars will be replace removed in the chat filter. So for example, you list '_', users can't write 'noob_'
    • AntiSpam
  • enabled <true or false> enable/disable the Anti Spam Filter. The following subitems are just enabled, if this is true
  • waitafterchatting <nummbre, but not decimal!> time in seconds, the user must wait after writing another message. if 0, there is no cooldown.
  • blocksamemessage <true or false> Attention: This is also blocking similar messages! blocksimilarmessages is not necessary!
  • blocksimilarmessage <true or false> Not in use; will be added in further versions.
    • BlockedStrings
  • Final <list> write here the words for the blacklist; how to format, see the example
    • Strings <list> this are strings, th user will get displayes. Because there is ever an example, I will not explain any singel item. %user% replaces the user name and %message% replaces the message, the user wrote.

Here you can see an example config

Permissons and Commands img

GoodChat.getAnnounce if 'onBlockAdminMessage' is true, every user with this permisson will get a message on a chat ban and if somebody write a word from the blacklist GoodChat.mute command permisson for /mute

/mute [PlayerName] [Time in seconds] (if time = 0, the ban will be get removed


Q: I get an error in the server console, what should I do? A: Probalby your config is not correct. In this case, delete the config.yml and the issuses should be fixed. If not, please write a ticket with the complete stack trace

Q: Is that the final version of the plugin? A: No, i probably will release soon a big update, if users want.

Q: In the description and in the plugin are spelling and grammar mistakes. Why? A: Thats because I´m from Germany. If you found any important mistake, please write a comment. Thank you!

Q: In the config, there a crazy things like '\xa7'. What is that? A: I don't know how to fix that, but ever if I write a "§", Bukkit replaces that in the config. Just ignore it. PS: With § you can use colors! Just use Google.


- better config - advertisment blocker - /reloadconfig command - a default blacklist - ...


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