Version 1.6.0

CB 1.6.2-R0.1

Golfcraft lets you play golf! Simply type /golf, and you will be given a bow and arrow. You can hit (shoot) the ball (arrow), and it will generate a sign where it lands (unless you hit the ball into the water, or the trees).
There are anti-griefing parameters in place, so each golfer needs to destroy their own sign before their arrow will generate a new sign.

Materials of recognition:

  • Green Wool: the Fairway (main material)
  • Lime Wool: the Green (putting material)
  • Sand: Sand Trap (stops balls from bouncing)
  • Glowstone: the Cup
  • Grass: the Rough (reduces ball's bounce velocity)
  • Fence: the Flag
  • Wood: Teeing Ground ( start of the course, gives your driver a boost)


  • Clubs!
    • Up to 12 clubs to chose from
    • Each club has its own advantage
  • Snowballs!
    • Arrows are converted to snowballs when you shoot!
  • Create a golf course by adding holes
    • Creating holes set their par
    • The par is used for per-hole scoring
  • Per-hole golf-info chat channels
    • Any players in the same hole will know what happens with the other players
  • If the ball landed on a valid block, a sign with the player's name is placed, marking where the ball landed
    • This sign MUST be destroyed in order for another sign to generate
    • Once destroyed, the player cannot move more than one block away until their next ball lands in a valid location
  • Per hole scoring
    • Uses that hole's par to compare how many hits the player took.
    • Prints the score via number of hits, as well as golf lingo (Bogie, Eagle, etc)
  • SuperPerms
  • Plenty of anti-griefing parameters
    • I try my best to make sure players arent spammed with text or signs. I've spent most of my time coding making sure they cant.

Permissions: (overridden by OP's)

  • golf.spectate
    • (allows the player to simulate golf (no scoring, or messages))
    • (allows the player to play golf use hole-start signs)
    • (allows the player to TP to a hole via command)
    • (allows the player to teleport to their sign)
    • (allows the player to teleport other players to their sign)
  • golf.create
    • (allows the player to create new holes)
  • golf.sign
    • (allows the player to create/destroy hole-start signs)
  • golf.ref
    • (allows the player to destroy other players' signs)

Source Code is currently Unavailable


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