Testimonials and Praise

Thank you guys for all your kind words. I figured I'd compile them into a list.

@ryan_the_leach: Go

It's great to see that incredinex clearly knows their stuff, and carefully plans GoldIsMoney. It's developers like these that really add integrity and trust to a plugin that removes the stress in operating a server.

@dylpickles1997: Go

Just dropping in to say how much I LOVE this plugin. I've been running it for a week now with ABSOLUTELY no flaws! Its hooking into each and every one of my economy plugins correctly. I understand what you were going through when you built this plugin, adding many features that can go unnoticed! (Like all that darn math you were talking about :)) So thanks for this plugin sooo much!

@minecraftyord: Go

Yup, I downloaded that and it works PERFECTLY! Thanks so much. I'll tell you when the new map is up and running, if you want you can add it to the server list so that people can see how well this works (honestly before I tried this out, I didn't believe it). Most people just keep thinking you need some virtual money plugin that makes a lot of stuff quite complicated. Very interesting, but not what many people actually need if they think about it!

@igwb: Go

Totaly awesome, exactly what I need. Thank you so much for making this!

@poonjab1_0: Go

this is gonna be a great alternative to some other economy plugins by making it far more simple to decide currency. thank you

@Dibujaron: Go

hey cool Idea... i filled out an REQ for just this sorta thing ahwile back. I'll certainly use this when it comes out.