Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't GoldIsMoney work with {insert plugin name here}!

All the GoldIsMoney functions are accessed via Vault. Try installing Essentials Economy and using the /eco command. If this operates as expected, Vault has hooked into GoldIsMoney correctly and the issue is with the other plugin not using Vault correctly.

Will you help me figure out why it no work with Essentials anyways?

I'll try. Make sure you include version numbers of Vault and GoldIsMoney. Also helpful is a copy of the console log from starting up, especially if there are errors. Any console errors while interacting with the economy (for instance when purchasing from a ChestShop or using Essentials "/eco" command).

Why you yell when I say "latest version"?

Mainly, because you're a dumbass who didn't learn the last time I yelled at someone. There are copies of GoldIsMoney and Vault strewn throughout existence. There's no way for me to know if "latest version" means the last one you saw on this plugins' page or Vault's page yesterday, today or tomorrow, some dev copy I might have posted a link to, or some other list I have no way of knowing how to know. Use the "/version <pluginname>" command in game to find them. If it wasn't easy, I wouldn't yell.

Why are all my currency items rearranged when I buy something?

GoldIsMoney does it's best to keep all of your items in the same positions they were before/after any deposit or withdraw. If you find all of them are rearranged, it is most likely because the plugin is actually withdrawing all of your money and then depositing what money it wants you to have total. Essential's Economy is an example of a plugin that does this.

Why you arbitrarily make ingots worth 9 nuggets and blocks worth 81?

Yes, I understand your feeble minded users who constantly complain to you don't understand simple math. I truly feel for you. Nevertheless, the reason is because Minecraft lets your users convert freely between ingots, nuggets and blocks using crafting and it uses a 9 to 9 to 9 ratio. If I were to make this the more easy to comprehend decimal, 10 nuggets is an ingot, 10 ingots to a block, then your users would be able to convert 81 nuggets to a block with their crafting and then use GoldIsMoney to convert it back to 100 nuggets effectively giving themselves unlimited money.

Why is the "/goldismoney reload" command undocumented?

Because it doesn't work. There are too many complications switching currency families or custom currencies that I felt it was important for you to actually restart to make such a dramatic change. I just forgot to take it out of plugins.yml, and that's why it shows up in your "/help" list.

UPDATE: "/goldismoney reload" has been added to version 2.0 fully functional. Please note that changing currency families can cause complications so please before you install, know what family you're planning on using and try to stick with it.