Chests Contemplation

Chest Account Extension

Here's some notes on my contemplation of chests, feel free to comment if you like.

Assigning Chests

Because of numerous other plugins utilize clicking on chests for many things including protection and sorting, I'm going to stay away from this.

I believe that I will have the user place a sign n/s/e/w/u from the chest to be claimed with a codeword at top, like "[Money]" or something, probably something editable in the config. Once detected, it would stick itself to the chest (like Lockette signs do) on the same side as it was placed, perhaps adding the persons name on some line.

Only one of these signs would be allowed per chest, but you could still put other signs, like ChestShop or Lockette and this shouldn't interfere.

Chest Priorities

A new toggle (defaulting "false") in the config to allow chests in other worlds. Maybe an option to list world groups, or integration with MultiInv to find what worldgroups it uses.

The highest priority would be the player's actual inventory, but I'm thinking about having a config option to make the user inventory lowest priority. I could see how people might want it either way, so I might have an ingame command to let people choose individually. The enderchest will be between the player inventory and the other chests inventories whichever the case may be. Then, priority is sorted oldest chest to newest chest (being the oldest one as highest priority).

Withdraws would take from the lowest priority inventories first; deposits would give to the highest priority ones first. I thought about making this some option, but it would be too confusing to word in the config or in a command and you can already move the player inventory priority and place signs in whatever order you like, just reverse the order if you want them reversed.


Signs will do nothing for enderchests. If/when I ever actually figure out how to access the enderchest in a multi-inventory friendly way, their priority will be between the player and the assigned chests, whether the player is highest or lowest. Also, I think I want to have the player turn enderchest activity on/off manually, defaulting to off because many players may not have enderchests at their disposal.

Item Insersion/Removal Pattern

I plan to use the exact same logic I am currently using on player inventories for putting/taking items from the chest inventories. You can see this here:


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