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  • _ForgeUser8417434 created this issue Jan 31, 2013

    We have two huge problem at our server with goldIsMoney.

    First one: The problem lies within (as far as we could investigate the problem) getting the player's balance when joining (offlineBalance -> inventory). Sometimes it get's the offline balance correctly, sometimes not.

    We found the problem when our players started to give feedback how they wasn't getting any money when somebody bought something from their shops when they (shopkeepers) were offline. When they came back to server the item was gone to other player but there was no money in inventory.
    I collected a few errors just a min ago from our log: As you can see, the bug occurs quite a lot so it's a huge issue.

    Second one: We also use "Essentials" plug-in (you might know it) and if you try (for example) fast get 100 goldnugget from the chest to your inventory and then do "/pay YourOwnNickName 10" then you get the 10 goldnuggets, but other 90 is gone.

    I believe these error's are connected to my cases which I posted to you earlier to forum:

    I couldn't perform these bugs with my test server (new server software), but unfortunately our main software are getting those annoying bugs and I just can't reset the goldIsMoney files to check if there's some corruption because of the players' balances.

    We have been using almost all the time the latest GoldIsMoney and Vault plugins (from half an year to this day) and also latest bukkit softwares. We haven't destroyed any goldIsMoney or Vault files in that half an year time.

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  • _ForgeUser8417434 posted a comment Jan 31, 2013

    Ahh I didn't tell when the errors occurs.. so these errors occurs when somebody join in. They don't come everytime when somebody joins, but as I can summary it will come to player's who have different offline and latest online balance (somebody bought from their shop when they were offline or something like that).

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