Goldecon+ (goldecon-plus)

Now supporting Permissions 3.x, PermissionsEx & SuperPerms!.

Stay up to date with goldecon's development! Cutting edge builds available from our official Github.

Check it out now!.

This is just a brief overview, but If you want more in-depth information, click HERE.

Goldecon, What is it? Goldecon is a plugin first created by boardinggamer & Kierrow in late 2011, but since the release of Minecraft 1.1, The plugin developers lost interest but then Stoolbend decided to pick up the project and inject some new ideas. Goldecon consists of the following files:

Goldecon+ (goldecon-plus.jar)

Goldecon+ is an all-in-one economy plugin utilising gold nuggets as a form of currency. Giving you included features like command based banks, Chest & Sign based shops and Region Market signs using WorldGuard, Goldecon+ gives you all the latest features in one jar file.

Ok thats great, where do I download?

Sweet, glad you want to use goldecon. There are 2 ways to get your hands on either version of goldecon!

Latest Versions (Will be updated when a new version is release on the github.)

goldecon-plus: 1.6.1 for CB 1.2.5-RB1.0 & below - Download from github NOW!

  • 1: Click the files (or here) tab up above for the latest current release. (Bear in mind that when we release an updated version or a bugfix, It will take around 1-2 days to be approved before showing up on the list).
  • 2nd and final way, You can hop on over to Github (again,) and download the latest development jar file (or compile your own if your feeling adventurous). Just incase you get lost, The link to the goldecon+ section is HERE!

I've got the plugin, how do I do X?

Command wise, a good start to using Goldecon is running /ge as an OP. This will show you the other commands that you can run. If you want to know here, here they are:

/ge <pay> - goldecon help - pay other players

/gebank <deposit | withdraw> - check bank balance - deposit funds | withdraw funds

/geshop <create | close> - shop help - create a shop (guide HERE) | close a shop

/geregion <sell <region-name> <price>> - region market help (guide HERE) - sell <region-name> for <price>

Also, you will need the permission nodes. The full and updated list can be found on the Github page HERE. Why the redirect to github? Its easier for me to keep one place updated instead of 2 :)

Ok i've got the plugin, got a problem and need a hand though!

No worries kind sir or ma'am, Click this link HERE to be taken to the issue tracker. Simply click "New Issue" in the top corner (If you dont see it, you might have to register) and fill in the little box with your problem.

If you dont have a github account or just dont want to register, Then you can use the BukkitDev Tracker at the top of this page (just look on up). I try to check this page every day, but dont yell at me if I dont :(



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