Gold2Economy v1.4

Download: Dropbox | GitHub

Source: GitHub

Requires: Register & a supported economy | Permissions (Optional) | SuperPerms (Optional)

Tired of having to sell things to a server to increase your monetal holdings? Then tire no more! This plugin allows you to convert the gold ingots (and now supports iron ingots and diamonds) in your inventory to a configurable amount in iConomy (supports decimals) or BOSEconomy (decimals now supported). Permissions support is available as well for those that are looking to control who can and cannot use this plugin!


  • Turn your iron (ingots), gold (ingots) and diamonds into money in any economy supported by Register.
  • Permissions support using Permissions 3.x or any SuperPerms permissions manager plugin
  • OP only support for reload command if permissions is not in use

Installation and configuration

  1. Download Gold2Economy.
  2. Download Register.
  3. Place the downloaded .jar files in your server's plugin folder.
  4. If upgrading delete Gold2Economy.jar and the Gold2Economy folder. Make sure to remember your conversion rates.
  5. Start your server so the configuration is created.
  6. (Optional) Edit your permissions file. The permission nodes can be found in the permissions section.
  7. Navigate to Gold2Economy in your server's plugin folder.
  8. Open config.yml for editing.
  9. Change the rate to convert iron, gold and diamonds at in the rate branch if you wish.
  10. Change whether you want to be able to convert iron, gold and diamonds by putting either true or false as the value in the convert branch.
  11. Set your preferred economy system.
  12. Set permissions to true if you want to use permissions and then set the permissions system you are using to true and the other to false
  13. Save the config.yml and type /gi reload (in-game or in server console) to reload the configuration file. Alternatively stop/start/restart/reload your server


  • /gi - Shows you the menu
  • /gi rates - Shows you the conversion rates
  • /gi <item> <amount> - Converts <amount> of <item> into money. <item> has to be iron, gold or diamond.
  • /gi <item> all - Converts all of the <item> in your inventory into money. <item> has to be iron, gold or diamond.
  • /gi reload - Reloads the configuration


  • Gold2Economy.iron - Allows the conversion of iron
  • - Allows the conversion of gold
  • Gold2Economy.diamond - Allows the conversion of diamond
  • Gold2Economy.admin - Allows use of the reload command
  • Gold2Economy.* - Allows access to all features


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