Whitelist & Blacklist

Sometimes, players tend to think up irrelevant or even nasty names for their God. If you want to avoid this, you can use a whitelist or a blacklist.


A whitelist is a list of God names which are allowed on the server.
ONLY these names will be permitted and any attempt to create other Gods will fail.

An example:

  MinPower: 0
  MinPower: 100
  MinPower: 1000

Each God name is written on its own line and each God has a "minimum God power". By default this is simply 0 (the God can die out from having no belief=no power) but setting the minimum power like this enables RPG servers to map out their hierarchy of Gods and how powerful they are.

The whitelist file is called whitelist.yml and resides in the /Gods folder.


A blacklist is a list of God names which are not allowed on the server.
ANY other name than the names on this list will be permitted.

An example:

Jesus: ''
Satan: ''
Buddha: ''

The blacklist file is called blacklist.yml and resides in the /Gods folder.


Note that these settings are mutual exclusive: You cannot use both a whitelist and a blacklist. When enabling the blacklist or whitelist for the first time, a example file for the list will appear in the /Gods folder automatically.


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