Making your own Gods

So you want to make a God?

Out of the Box, Gods supports a light RPG experiences that hopfully most players understand. But if you have a server with a deeper lore, you may want to customize the features each God on your server. There are settings for most aspects of what a God is, and more settings are always coming:

  • What a God says (langugage file)
  • What a God does (personality seed)
  • How powerful a God is (minimum power level setting)
  • The holy/unholy mob for a God
  • The holy/unholy foood for a God

Lets check it out!

To start, make some alters in-game, and open your god.yml file. You will see something like this:

    Seed: 1233543
    Seed: 1233543

In this case, there are two Gods called "Thor" and "Cthulhu". Each of these Gods have the following configurable settings:


This is seed for the Gods which defines his personality. Any value here will result in compltelty difference personality for the God.


This is the The complete list of item names in craftbukkit can be found here.


This is the Holy creatures of the God. The complete list of mob names in craftbukkit can be found here.

After you are done editing, type /g reload in the game or console, or simply restart the server for the settings to take effect.


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