Chat formatting

First enable Chatformatting in the config file:

  Enabled: true

After that, the plugin will replace any [GOD] tag from your chat format with the name of a players God.
Here is an example, using the [GOD] tag in EssentialsChat used on my server:

    prisoner: '&0<Prisoner {DISPLAYNAME}>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    default: '&f<n00b &6{GOD}&f{DISPLAYNAME}>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    student: '&f<Student &6{GOD}&f{DISPLAYNAME}>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    citizen: '&f<&6{GOD}&f{DISPLAYNAME}>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    police: '&b<&6{GOD}&bPolice {DISPLAYNAME}&b>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    mayor: '&2<&6{GOD}&2Mayor {DISPLAYNAME}&2>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    wizard: '&1<&6{GOD}&1Wizard {DISPLAYNAME}&1>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    mayor: '&2<&6{GOD}&2Mayor {DISPLAYNAME}&2>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    farmer: '&a<&6{GOD}&aFarmer {DISPLAYNAME}&a>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    architect: '&5<&6{GOD}&5Architect {DISPLAYNAME}&5>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    king: '&6<&6{GOD}&6King {DISPLAYNAME}&6>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    queen: '&6<&6{GOD}&6Queen {DISPLAYNAME}&6>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    astronaut: '&7<&6{GOD}&7Astronaut {DISPLAYNAME}&7>&f: {MESSAGE}'
    admin: '&4<&6{GOD}&4{DISPLAYNAME}&4>&f: {MESSAGE}'

Notice that I keep the God names in gold color just like in the rest of the plugin and that [GOD] will automatically be replaced with the GodName AND a whitespace. Therefore, do not put any whitespaces after the [GOD] tag and before the following text.


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