Gods 0.6.4 Beta


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    Feb 8, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


0.6.4 -------

  • Updated to craftbukkit 1.4.7
  • When removing a God, the bible texts is removed from bibles.yml
  • Language files are no longer written to by the plugin
  • Performance optimization for servers with high player counts
  • Fixed alot of incorrect quest speaking
  • Sacrificing items will now never result in a "You cannot pray so soon" message
  • Added "Convert non-believers" quest type
  • New permission node: gods.listen: Player can hear God speaking
  • Changed default max priests to 3
  • Removed numberOfPriestPrBeliever config setting
  • New "God Mood": Gods now has a mood ranging from Angry, displeased, neutral, Pleased and Exalted
  • Added God Mood names to language file.
  • Prayers adds mood to Gods
  • Completing quests, adds 3x mood to Gods
  • Mood lowers slowly over time, but only if any believer of that God is online
  • Angry Gods are twice as in other moods
  • Angry Gods will punish their believers
  • Displeased Gods will talk about how displeased they are
  • Neutral Gods will not bless, but just talk
  • Pleased Gods will do blessings as usual
  • Exalted Gods will do blessings twice as often as usual
  • Remove UseBibleForPrayer option.
  • Removed blocks from sacrifice types. Only items can be sacrificed.
  • Added options for allowed blessing types
  • Changed God verbosity calculations so that Gods are slightly more chatty when more powerful
  • Added more curses types back into the plugin
  • Added options for allowed curse types