Gods 0.5.9 Beta


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    Dec 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.1


  • God types - Gods now have a type such as "God of Love" or "God of War". Specific powers and god speak to come.
  • God gender - Gods can now be either God and Godesss.
  • God speak now appears in bold to emphasize that this is a God speaking.
  • Specific names and goals in God speak are now highlighted in gold
  • Fixed text color in Holy Books
  • Fixed issue with believers starting new Gods will retain their prayer power.
  • Fixed a nasty thread exceptions caused by passing strings be reference to god speak tasks
  • Fixed issue where priest would be immediatly removed again if he gets assigned while not having prayed for a while
  • The /g setpriest command now even works when used on a non-believer!
  • Removed Enderman and Squid as possible Holy mobs (Useless for mobs for global quests)
  • Added mooshroom cow as possible Holy mobs
  • Slightly more fancy display name for Holy Books
  • More usefull GodTalk towards priests
  • Friendly mobs will now spawn within Holy Land
  • Slightly improved the eating detection logic. Still far from perfect.
  • New Config setting : "useBibleForPrayer". Lets believer pray simply by reading from their bible! (Good excuse to spread your bible around)