Gods 0.4.3 Beta


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    Aug 4, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.3.1


  • Support for PermissionsEX and GroupManager. Support for other managers can be added on request.
  • Removed the /g alias: It was causing too many conflicts.
  • Implemented /gods kick
  • Implemented /gods pvp. Unfortunatly it does pretty much nothing atm...
  • Implemented /gods
  • Made the LanguageFile option appear in the config file (about time...)
  • Config options for defining reward items given for completing quests.
  • Better handling of players detroying altars within other Gods Holy Land.
  • Better detection of who is sacrificing what items to which God. Still not quite there yet...
  • Abandoned holylands are now automatically cleaned from holyland.yml config
  • Public religions are now called "Religions", private religions are called "Sects"
  • Config option for breakable block types within holy lands: Destroying altars will remove the holyland protetion!
  • Removed lightning attacks against mobs: Too dangerous for people in wood houses!
  • Gods now say the specific name of the item they are blessing their believers with