GlowTree lets you grow trees that glow! Now with more tree types, more config options and some nifty bugfixes!

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GlowTree allows you to turn glowstone into a renewable resource by growing it on trees. As of version 1.1 there are new tree types you can grow, some more exciting and dangerous than others...


To grow trees that glow:

  1. Place a glowstone block in the ground
  2. Above the glowstone block place a dirt block
  3. Above the dirt block plant a tree
  4. As the tree grows it will sprout glowstone blocks
  5. The glowstone underneath the tree is consumed as it grows
  • Use 4 seed blocks for a 2x2 tree such as Jungle, Super Spruce or Dark Oak.
  • Substitute the Seed block specified for the other tree types to grow them.
  • Trees take about a minute to bear fruit.


None at this time


No permissions support at this time.


These values take a boolean and enable or disable specific tree types. TRUE or FALSE.

  • glow: Enable glowing trees.
  • boom: Enable TNT trees.
  • pumpkin: Enable Pumpkin trees.
  • melon: Enable Melon trees.
  • mob: Enable what may have been a bad decision on my part to include. Take a guess at what it does.
  • cake: Enable Cake trees
  • lantern: Enable Sea Lantern trees

These values specify the seed block that you place underneath the dirt underneath the tree. You may not reuse seed block types. Takes a value of type Material. See Material Types for your options.

  • glowblock: Default is GLOWSTONE
  • boomblock: Default is TNT
  • pumpkinblock: Default is PUMPKIN
  • melonblock: Default is MELON_BLOCK
  • mobblock: Default is MOB_SPAWNER
  • cakeblock: Default is CAKE_BLOCK
  • lanternblock: Default is SEA_LANTERN


Place GlowTree.jar in your plugins folder and reload the server.


  • v4.0 - Added support for Acacia, Jungle, Super Spruce and Dark Oak trees
  • v3.0 - Added Sea Lantern trees
  • v2.0 - Added 1.9.2 support
  • v1.1 - Multiple Tree Types, Bug Fixes, Config Options.
  • v1.0 - Initial release.


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