GlowstoneDrop - Get a glowstone block back!

Version v1.7

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Destroy a glowstone with a pickaxe (or other configured item) and get a block back!
It's a rebirth of GlowstoneDrop from @XxFuNxX
The code is updated & improved and better, but all credit of the idea and the original plugin goes to XxFuNxX!

Comes with a config, permissions & commands!



  • Allows you to destroy a glowstone block and get a block back
  • Config, permissions & commands
  • You will need a pickaxe, just like the "real" block requires; additionally you can customize the allowed items
  • Change the drop for each world
  • This plugin sends usage statistics! If you wish to disable the usage stats, look at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml!


# For help please refer to or
  permissions: true
  messages: true

Commands & Permissions

Only the bukkit permissions are supported! I highly recommend that you use a plugin for permissions like bPermissions or PermissionsEX (PEX)!!
If the config value permission is set to false, all people can use the plugin!
If no permission system is found, all commands are for OPs only! (as long as permissions is set to true) Of course the console can use the commands, too!
If a command is typed wrong, it will return, that you should type /glowstonedrop help or /glowdrop help for more information!

You can type the long version /glowstonedrop or use the shortcut /glowdrop

Description: Needed to use the plugin in the specific world! (Otherwise you get dust!)

/glowstonedrop reload
/glowdrop reload
Node: glowstonedrop.reload
Description: Reloads the config

/glowstonedrop help
/glowdrop help
Description: Displays the help

/glowstonedrop enable permissions
/glowdrop enable permissions
Node: glowstonedrop.enable.permissions
Description: Enables the permissions! (Only OPs or player with the permission can use the plugin!)

/glowstonedrop disable permissions
/glowdrop disable permissions
Node: glowstonedrop.disable.permissions
Description: Disables the permissions! ALL players can use the plugin!

/glowstonedrop enable messages
/glowdrop enable messages
Node: glowstonedrop.enable.messages
Description: Enables the messages

/glowstonedrop disable messages
/glowdrop disable messages
Node: glowstonedrop.disable.messages
Description: Disables the messages

/glowstonedrop set <world> <block||dust>
/glowdrop set <world> <block||dust>
Node: glowstonedrop.set
Description: Changes the drop in the world

Of course you can use nodes like,

Downloads/Source Code/Dev Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. (Latest dev builds/bleeding edge builds) - - Dev builds from Jenkins (Source code hosted on Github) - - Source Code

Future Plans (a.k.a. ToDo):

  • Release a new build with links in the source (needs to be approved before) Done
  • Per world environment config for the drop Done
  • Change the Skylands to the End dimension! (I've to wait 'til bukkit is ready for 1.9 ;)) Done

Make sure to take a look at the always up to date ToDo!

Known Bugs

None :)


Version 1.7

  • Changed the behaviour, each world is now controlled [only the one with blocks]
  • Breaking changes due to new config values, commands & permissions
  • Compiled against latest Bukkit (1.4)
  • Cleaned up code

Version 1.6.3

  • No drops for player in creative mode
  • Newest version of statistics

Long changelog


@XxFuNxX for the original plugin!


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This plugin is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license!

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