What is GlowSTONE?

In the recent Minecraft 1.0 release Glowstone was changed from a base entity of Stone to a base entity of Glass. This meant that nothing could be placed on Glowstone and it no longer conducted redstone current.

This plugin fixes this problem by reverting Glowstone back to being a base entity of stone, meaning that you can now place your rail tracks, torches, redstone, switches, doors, fence, etc. on Glowstone once again.

How do I install GlowSTONE?

Installation couldn't be easier. Place the GlowSTONE.jar file in your server's /plugins/ directory and your done. No permissions to configure, and no configs to mess with. It's really that easy.

Help Something Broke

I tested this plugin for a brief amount of time before releasing it. I don't believe that there are any plugin conflicts but in the unlikely event that a plugin conflict does arise please let me know and I'll gladly fix it.


Q: Why when I install this plugin does GlowStone "lag" when I break it?

A: The answer to this question is unknown at this time. It is a known issue and will be worked on. Use version 0.1.1

I'd Like to Donate

Donations of any size are always welcome. Please use to donate so that it can be added to our donation bar.


I must give credit to Frozen Brain for making Blocks on Glass, the plugin from which this one is derived.


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