This mod is intended for servers that wish to allow their users a little more leeway with their glowstone use. Several versions ago, certain items were unable to attach to glowstone, such as pressure plates and trapdoors with some plugins.


This plugin has one feature. If you click on a soulsand block with a stack of glowstone dust, it turns into a glowstone block if the following conditions are met:

  • You have at least one block of glowstone in your inventory.
  • You have space in your inventory to store the replaced soulsand block.

If these conditions are met, in addition to changing the block, you lose one glowstone block and gain one soulsand block, so there are net no blocks created.

Commands & Permissions

There are no commands or permissions required for this plugin. If this is something you feel you may require for your server, leave a comment and I will consider adding them.


This is intended to solve aesthetic use cases only (such as pressure plates or trapdoors on glowstone). Interaction with things attached to the glowstone after swapping may cause them to fall off. As such, doing things like running rails over the glowstone will likely cause them to fly off as a minecart passes over them.


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