CommandDescriptionPermission Node
/gbShows Version NumberNone.
/gb create <BankName>Creates a Banker with a bank
/gb deleteEnables you to punch a Banker to delete themgb.delete
/gb faceEnables you to punch a Banker to make them face towards yougb.face


Permission NodeDescription
gb.useAllows the use of global banking and grants the player 1 slot
gb.createAllows creation of banks.
gb.deleteAllows deletion of banks.
gb.slots.9Allows the player up to 9 slots
gb.slots.18Allows the player up to 18 slots
gb.slots.27Allows the player up to 27 slots
gb.slots.36Allows the player up to 36 slots
gb.slots.45Allows the player up to 45 slots
gb.slots.54Allows the player up to 54 slots

How to use:

  • Right Click Bankers to open your Slot Selection screen,
  • Click a chest to open it.
  • Place items in/out etc.
  • Click the top left chest to return to chest select or Click the paper to sort the slot out.
  • Close the inventory at any time to save.


  • Drag and drop GlobalBank.jar to your plugin directory.
  • Ensure you have Vault.
  • Start up your server!


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