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  • _ForgeUser5566298 created this issue Jul 6, 2014

    I'm in the process of rolling out new servers on a BungeeCord network, and wanting to stay with vote plugins I'm familiar with, I've configured three servers to use one GAListener mysql DB. The Lobby is configured to recieve the votes from server lists, but the GAListener config has the Lobby world blocked so no rewards are given and the vote is queued in the DB.

    The sticking point is getting the other servers to refresh and see the new votes in the GALQueue DB table.

    Doing '/gal reload' on the other servers will refresh the queued votes and if the player is already online, '/gal forcequeue' lets the players collect the rewards.

    It seems to me there may be a way to automate the reload/forcequeue with commandblocks that trigger on playerjoin/leave, and/or a timer.

    Does this sound like a workable solution? and is it something that could be implemented in a future version?

  • _ForgeUser5566298 added the tags New Enhancment Jul 6, 2014

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