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  • _ForgeUser13640773 created this issue Jun 19, 2014

    i am trying to connect the listner to my mysql database so i can make a top 10 voters on my website but the votes do not appear in my database

    i am using the latest version of votifier and gal on spigot 1.7.9

    are my settings incorect or is it somting else?

      onlineonly: true
      luckyvote: false
      permvote: false
      cumulative: false
      broadcastqueue: true
      broadcastrecent: true
      broadcastoffline: false
      votecommand: true
      rewardcommand: false
      joinmessage: true
      voteremind: false
      remindseconds: 300
      logfile: true
      dbMode: 'mysql'
      dbFile: 'GAL.db'
      dbHost: ''
      dbPort: 3306
      dbUser: 'root'
      dbPass: '********l'
      dbName: 'webdb'
      dbPrefix: 'votes'

    srry for the bad english

  • _ForgeUser13640773 added the tags New Other Jun 19, 2014

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