GAListener 1.1


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    Mar 19, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4



  • Added /gal forcequeue to run all queued commands immediately
  • Added broadcastoffline config option which can send the broadcast message when queueing an offline vote.
  • Re-added lucky number to /fakevote to force a lucky vote - /fakevote <username> [servicename] [luckynumber]
  • Made some messages / headers customisable.


  • Actually use onlineonly and voteremind config options


  • Changed from YAML to SQLite / mySQL for vote totals and queue
  • Added Cumulative based rewards with /rewards
  • Added Permission based rewards
  • Added option to disable broadcasts once a player has voted for the day (broadcastrecent: false)
  • Added customisable join message
  • Added customisable reminder message for players who haven't voted for the day
  • Added option to block vote rewards by world - they will remain queued until in an allowed world
  • Added /votetop to show a voting leaderboard, or /gal top [count] for admins
  • /vote and /rewards will now also show you current vote total
  • Moved admin commands to /gal <command>
    • reload - reload the config
    • clearqueue - clear all queued votes
    • cleartotals - clear all vote totals (run this when you want to reset /rewards)
    • total <player> <total> - change a players current vote total
    • clear <player> - clear a players queued votes
    • top [count] - show a leaderboard of the top [count] voters
    • broadcast - broadcast to all players without a prefix

0.9 [Large Update] We suggest you reset your config, BACK UP YOUR LUCKYVOTES AND REWARDS!

  • Added /vote
  • Added MORE detail comments in the config.
  • Added Vote reminder UPON Login.
  • Updates to /gareload (More reliable)
  • Fixed having .'s in service name
  • Added /fakevote [OP Only] For ability to test votes.
    • We suggest you reset your config, BACK UP YOUR LUCKYVOTES AND REWARDS!


  • Votes with empty player names are now skipped, as there is noone to reward!
  • Added new config option "broadcastqueue". If you set this to false it will not show broadcast messages for queued votes to prevent onjoin spam. Player messages and rewards will still be sent as normal, and this does not affect regular votes.


  • Blank Broadcast and PlayerMessages are now properly ignored and will not send empty lines.


  • Initial Release!

Config file has changed, if you are upgrading you will need to reconfigure!