With Christmas coming up, we needed a clean way to give out gifts to other players. I believe in modding though Bukkit therefore I created this neat little plugin which adds craftable Giftboxes to your Bukkit server. You can place these giftboxes anywhere you want and once a player breaks the giftbox, it drops a random gift.


Use the download link at the top right.


  • Craftable GiftBoxes!
  • Random gifts from a configurable list!
  • Custom crafting recipes!
  • Configurable gift drop rate!


The default crafting recipe is: CraftingRecipe

However you can define a custom crafting recipe. More about that in the next section.


To configure this plugin's properties, run the server once (with the plugin installed) then shut it down using /stop. A new folder named "GiftBox" will be created in your plugins directory. In that folder, there will be a file named "config.yml". Open that file using Notepad or any text editor. The contents of the file will look like this:

- 264
- 57
- 278
DropRate: 0
GiftBoxPlayerSkin: lol768
  LineOne: 339,339,339
  LineTwo: 339,264,339
  LineThree: 339,339,339

Under GiftDrops you can specify the gifts that will randomly drop when a gift box is broken. They are specified using item IDs. You can add more items using this format: - <itemID>.

You can customize the drop rate of the gifts. 0 being that a gift will always be dropped once a giftbox is broken, 1 being that there is a 1/2 chance of a gift being dropped, 2 being 1/3, etc.

The GiftBox block is actually a playerhead with a modified owner that has a giftbox as a head in their skin. Special thanks to lol768 who was generous enough to change his skin specially for this plugin. If you want to change the giftbox's skin, you can change the GiftBoxPlayerSkin value to another player's name.

You can change the crafting recipe to be any custom recipe you want. LineOne is the first row in the crafting table. The numbers are item/block IDs. So LineOne: 339,339,339 is equivalent to placing 3 paper in the three cells in the row in a crafting table. The same goes with LineTwo and LineThree.


  • /giftplayer [player]
    • Gives specified player a giftbox.
  • /giftall
    • Gives all online players giftboxes.


  • Node: Giftbox.Craft
    • Allows a player to craft a Giftbox. By default this is restricted to 'opped' members only.
  • Node: Giftbox.giftPlayer
    • Allows a player to give other players giftboxes.
  • Node: Giftbox.giftAll
    • Allows a player to give all online players giftboxes.


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