GiantShop 2.0 continues where SimpleShop left off! It is great, fast and most importantly: easy to use! GiantShop is a global shop, wich uses a commands based system to sell and buy items.


  • Global shop
  • Item gifting
  • SuperPerms!
  • DataType MaterialData supported including names! Now you can add all your wool colours to your shop!
  • Add items from the console!
  • Item stock levels, so you can now have items run out of stock!
  • Inflation/Deflation of the total cost based on the current item stock!
  • Add discounts for that special user/group!



Economy engine

  • GiantShop 2.0 currently has a soft hard depend on any of the following economy engines:
    • AEco
    • CraftConomy
    • CurrenyCore
    • Essentials Economy
    • McMoney
    • MineConomy
    • MultiCurrency
    • BOSEConomy 6 or 7
    • iConomy (4, 5 or 6)

Permissions engine

  • GiantShop 2.0 has a soft depend for a permissions engine. Currently you can choose between any of the below:
    • None: OP has all perms.
    • Any sperm plugin (Bukkit SuperPerms)
    • Permissions EX
    • GroupManager
    • bPermissions
    • zPermissions


Change log

  • (17/5/2013) V2.0 0.9.1.BETA-94 (Cacti Powered)
    • Fixed minor bug in update check.
  • (16/5/2013) V2.0 0.9.BETA-92 (Cacti Powered)
    • GiantShop now depends GiantCore!
    • Implement better way of updating configuration file. Now no longer resets entire file.
    • Help list should now be easier to customize.
    • Update items.yml to minecraft 1.5.
    • Implement totally new GSW API, allows for remote shopping!
    • Implement search command.
    • Fix bug that caused items to show as for sale/purchase even though disabled.
    • Fix action logging to now be actually valid JSON.
    • Update GSL API to be more useful.
    • Enable APIs to be disabled individually.
    • Centralize price calculations for inflation/deflation. (Reduces code duplication).
    • Fix bug causing very incorrect deflation and inflation results.
    • Fix bug allowing empty shops to be created
    • Implement better versioning system.
  • (27/9/2012) V2.0 0.8.5.BETA (Forniphilia)
    • Fixed bug that caused loading the itemstock API to throw an NFE.
  • (28/8/2012) V2.0 0.8.4.BETA (Forniphilia)
    • Fixed the bugs with SQLite for good this time.
    • Fixed importing and exporting of both shops and discounts to actually work again!
    • Fixed item types always being "null" when exporting.
    • Implement support for h2 databases.
    • Please note that if you downloaded my earlier released dev build, you will need to redownload this jar as the dev build did not turn out as final!
  • (24/8/2012) V2.0 0.8.3.BETA (Forniphilia)
    • Fixed a bug that caused SQLite to not work too good.
    • Made GiantShop more 1.3 compatible out of the box!
    • Update mineconomy library to a newer version.
    • Modify default world names in conf.yml to be more representative to actual world names.
    • Still contains bug that causes SQLite to not work as expected with GiantShopLocation, please use MySQL as a temporary work around, or wait for 0.8.4.BETA!
  • (12/7/2012) V2.0 0.8.2.BETA (Forniphilia)
    • Fixed a bug that caused a failure in database creation.
  • (1/7/2012) V2.0 0.8.1.BETA (Forniphilia)
    • Fixed a bug that caused tools and armor to be able to infinitely sell.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the shop to take the wrong tool when attempting to sell a tool with set to true
    • Removed a little debug information from the add command.
    • Add missing node in conf.yml.
  • (30/6/2012) V2.0 0.8.BETA (Forniphilia) - Contains critical bug, please download 0.8.1.BETA instead!
    • Fixed a bug that caused private sell and buy messages to be broadcasted.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the sell command to not show correct new balance.
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the check command to throw a NullPointerException.
    • Fixed a bug that cause a debug message to be visible even if debug was disabled.
    • Changed internal colour replacer to use ChatColor as opposed to §.
    • Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances caused the MySQL driver to throw a NullPointerException.
    • Improve the new version warning that is build into GiantShop
    • Add setting to disable broadcasting new version message to operators.
    • Implement an API for GSL.
    • Update to a more recent version of my database driver system.
    • Implement Metrics into GiantShop.
    • Update to a more recent version of my permissions system, this adds support for a few more permission engines.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the GSL help page to show an extra /.
    • Moved to a more appropriate position under GiantShop.premissions.opHasPerms.
    • Disable the default granting of certain permissions to anyone when using Bukkit Super Perms.
    • Disable the default granting of certain permissions to operators when using Bukkit Super Perms.
    • Modified no group warning message when not using permissions to only show at launch.
    • Implement discounts into GiantShop.
    • Implement command to reload GiantShop configuration.
    • Implement a few more message templates to msgTemplate.yml.
    • Add support for bPermissions
    • Add support for zPermissions
    • Add support for GroupManager
    • Numerous minor bug fixes and code modifications.
    • Renamed the jar so it no longer holds "2.0" in the name.
  • While this release is a beta, I feel after some quite thorough testing, it is stable enough to wear the tag "Release". Do however not hesitate to tell me of any bugs you find! :)
  • (3/6/2012) V2.0 0.7.2.BETA (Dental Dam)
    • Fixed a bug that caused weird Â's to be shown all over GiantShop's messages
  • (15/5/2012) V2.0 0.7.1.BETA (Dental Dam)
    • Fixed a bug that caused use of commands to throw an Illegal Access exception
    • Fixed bug that caused an NPE to be throw if no arguments were passed to the check command
  • (15/5/2012) V2.0 0.7.BETA (Dental Dam)
    • Fixed a bug that caused GiantShop to not be able to use some economy engines.
    • Added Items to the item stock API, it is now possible to get access to GiantShop's item name/id handler!
    • Implement an automated version checker. Note: this does NOT automatically update!
    • Multiple changes to the item stock API to make it more user friendly.
    • Fix bug that caused the MySQL connection to time timeout and not be remade.
    • Include ability to log transactions users make. Note: Format might be humanly unreadable, but is required in current way for inclusion in top secret project!
    • Fixed a bug that caused the item update command to throw NPEs if user tried saving after saving.
    • Implemented an API for GiantShopLocation
    • The check command should now respect inflation and deflation properly
    • The list command should now respect inflation and deflation properly
    • Fixed a bug that caused splash potions to not be sold as such
    • Fixed a bug that made it possible to sell splash potions without removing them from the players inventory.
    • Moved the broadcasted messages on sell, buy and gift to the msgTemplate.yml.
    • Moved the message telling the player his new balance to the msgTemplate.yml.
    • Moved the broadcasting settings to a new location in conf.yml.
    • Gave gift it's own setting to enable or disable the broadcasted message.
    • Added a section to the conf.yml for the transaction logger.
    • Implemented a way to hide items with an empty stock from the list command.
    • Numerous other small bug fixes.
  • While this release is a beta, I feel after some quite thorough testing, it is stable enough to wear the tag "Release". Do however not hesitate to tell me of any bugs you find! :)

Older change logs

Handy stuff

* Use at your own risk! Stability is not guaranteed!
** It might be wise to disable the "GiantShopWeb" API if you run 0.9.DEV as it is not finished!

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