GSL Configuration

Work in progress!

With the implementation of GianShopLocation into GiantShop itself, so did the configuration for GSL. This means that the configuration file now holds a section which is entirely ment for GSL.


  • perPage
    • This node handles how many items GSL is allowed to shop on lists, such as the help page.
  • useGiantShopLocation
    • Should be obvious.
  • showPlayerEnteredShop
    • When this node is is set to true, players will be shown a message if they enter or leave a shop. Larger servers may want to disable this setting as it could possibly cause lag.

This section holds the id and type for the item that you use to select points. By default this is a Cyan Dye.

This section holds all the nodes that are related to what GSL is ment to do. Locking down the shop.

  • Worlds
    • This section holds nodes related to the protection of worlds.
  • Worlds.disableOffList
    • When this node is set to true, the shop will be disabled in every world that is not on either the protect, or allow list.
  • Worlds.protected
    • This node holds a list of all the protected worlds. In these worlds GiantShop will be locked down to certain areas.
  • Worlds.allowed
    • This node holds a list of all worlds in which GiantShop is allowed to function without the use of GSL.
  • Commands
    • This node holds a list of the commands that GiantShopLocation should lock to only be usable when in a shop.