GSL Commands

Work in progress!

With the update to GiantShop 2.0, GiantShopLocation is no longer a stand a lone plugin. Instead, it has now been fully integrated into GiantShop itself. And as GiantShop itself, it has undergone an almost total recode. With this, a few things have been changed in the way that GSL works :)
This is not only related to commands, but also to ease of usage and store handling.

But as with GiantShop 2.0, some commands may have changed a little. The most notable change being that you no longer have to use "/shop set" to set a coord. Instead you can now use a configurable item, and just left and right click to set the points! :)
That being said, let's most onto the commands! As with GiantShop 2.0, all commands are accessible using both /loc and /l, which should increase the speed of managing shops by quite a lot!

  • | "or"; [] "required argument"; () "optional argument"

Administration commands
As with the old stand alone plugin, GSL does not have any commands that are meant to be used by normal users, instead all GSL commands are meant for admins only.

  • /loc help|h|? (page)
    • Shows you the help page for GSL. The optional page parameter can be used to scroll through the pages.
  • /loc list|l (page)
    • Shows you all the available shops that are known to GSL. The generation of this list is currently a placeholder, and will change in later versions.
  • /loc add|a (name)
    • After having set 2 points, you can simply use the /loc add command to actually create the shop! Unlike the old GSL plugin however, names are now unique on a per world basis. This means that you can not have 2 shops with the same name in the same world, but you are able to have 2 shops with the same name as long as they are each in a different world.
  • /loc update|u [action] (optional params differ per action)
    • This command works alot like the update command found in the normal GiantShop section of the plugin. But is slightly different.
      • /loc update select|s [-n:name] (-w:[world])
        • This command is used to actually select a shop for updating. If no world parameter is passed along it will attempt to find the shop in the players world.
      • /loc update show
        • This command is used to see all the current data of the selected shop. The result of this command is currently a place holder, and will be changed over the course of new versions.
      • /loc update set [-t:type] (-n:[name])
        • This command is used to actually update the data from the shop, the optional -n:[name] parameter is only effective when you are updating the name.
          • /loc update set -t:name -n:[name]
            • Update the shops name
          • /loc update set -t:world
            • Update the world that the shop is located in. Requires you to have 2 points set in the world you want to change too
          • /loc update set -t:loc
            • Almost the same as -t:world, however, does not update the world.
      • /loc update save
        • This command is used to actually save the updated data. This is done so that you can now actually review if the changes you made are correct BEFORE pushing it to everyone else!
  • /loc remove|r [-n:name] (-w:[world])
    • With this command you can remove the shop with the given name. If no world parameter is passed along it will attempt to find the shop in the players world.

Console only commands
Currently GSL does not have any console enabled commands.