Varying prices dependant on selling/buying [not dependant on stock] #33

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  • _ForgeUser8407505 created this issue Feb 21, 2014

    a way for shop signs to buy a material without checking for a quantity and after a certain amount of buys the sign makes the price then drops, and this occurs everytime the player has sold a certain amount of that item.
    at the same time every 5 minutes[MineCraft Day] the price on the sign resets, and as long as no on esells to the sign for a whole minecraft day the price increases a certain percentage every minecraft day as long as no one sells to that sign.

  • _ForgeUser8407505 added the tags New Enhancment Feb 21, 2014
  • _ForgeUser7442796 posted a comment Feb 25, 2014

    So essentially what you want is about the same as what the current inflation/deflation system does, however you want to have this set up in a way that does not use the item stock, but instead the amount of purchases/sales made?

    This sounds like an interesting idea, although it would technically be obsolete as the current inflation/deflation system works nearly the exact same...

    As for the sign system, GiantShop currently does not officially provide support for signs... Sorry :(

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