GiantCore is a centralization of libraries used throughout the GiantShop, GiantPM, GiantBanks and other of my plugins.
It is meant to reduce the overhead of individual plugins as they no longer include these libraries themselves.

How do I use it?

Hooking into GiantCore

Hooking into GiantCore is quite simple, all you need to is add a dependency to GiantCore in your plugin.yml, and then add the following to your onEnable(). After which you have successfully obtained GiantCore! :)


name: MyEpicPlugin
main: my.epic.plugin.MyEpicPlugin
depend: [GiantCore]


public void onEnable() {
	GiantCore gc = GiantCore.getInstance();

Included libraries

Currently GiantCore includes 2 of my libraries, although I plan on implementing all my libraries into GiantCore. For more info on how to use individual libraries click the appropriate link below! :)

Change log

  • (16/5/2013) 0.1 BETA
    • Initial release


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