GiantBank fills the empty gap were chests just don't fit! It is great, fast and most importantly: easy to use! GiantBanks is a global bank system that allows you to store items in your account. This means that you are pretty much making a global chest!


  • Global items bank
  • Ability to limit what items can be stored
  • Limitable item slots
  • Limitable space per slot
  • MaterialData supported including names! Now you can store all your wool colours to your shop!


  • Economy engine
  • GiantBanks does not currently require an economy engine.
  • Permissions engine
  • GiantBanks has a soft depend for a permissions engine. Currently you can choose between any of the below:
    • None: OP has all perms.
    • Any sperm plugin (Bukkit SuperPerms)
    • Permissions EX
    • GroupManager
    • bPermissions
    • zPermissions


Change log

  • (14/8/2012) V0.1.BETA (Dirty Banker)
    • Initial release! :)
    • While this release is a beta, I feel after some quite thorough testing, it is stable enough to wear the tag "Release". Do however not hesitate to tell me of any bugs you find! :)


  • Action logging
    • AccountType creation
    • AccountType modification
    • AccountType removal
    • UserAccount creation
    • UserAccount modifaction
    • UserAccount removal
    • UserAccount item storing
    • UserAccount item taking
  • Implement GiantBanksLocation


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